Monday, November 26, 2007
I`m Here..Not Going Anywhere!!
Your probably wondering what made me disappear suddenly!!
Well, I come to tell you that I’m here and not going anywhere.
The past few weeks were so hectic, was having so much pressure at work, even didn’t have enough time to post from home.


I’ve lost 5 kilos.
Hoping to get the part time job.
My PC at work is damaged, dunno when they’ll bring it back .( been almost a week now)
Weather is so nice and getting better everyday. Cant wait to wear my new black jacket which mama bought :D.
I need to get new boots.
Christmaaaassss!! I’m so excited for next week we’re gonna start decorating the house and put the Christmas tree :)
Can’t jog at the scientific center , the wind is so crazy.
I wish you were here.

And lots lotsssss.. I have to leave you now ( my colleagues keyboard smells yakh) but I’ll be back soon :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Why do people dream?
What does it mean, what are the secrets of the dream state??
Long a go mankind’s had a great hope in dreams specially on the eve of battle. They believed that through dreams their Gods would direct them to victory. But Today the interest in dreams and their interpretation is no less profound, and are referred to as ‘the royal road to the unconscious.’
Dreams are a necessary part of our being, and are often a response to our daily thoughts, activities and sensations. Dreaming is as natural as breathing. Babies dream much more than adults. And It appears that animals also dream how amazing :).

And what pisses me off the most and lots I guess is that mostly dreams are very easily forgotten, or interrupted, specially when its an amazing dream almost real, like you never wanna wake up.

So often, however, it can give us a little balance when it comes to looking at the meaning behind our dreams. A dream is not a special occurrence with a “special meaning” well most ppl believe that it is!! But It is something that everyone does many times every night. Of course there are many people who would interpret your dreams for you. The greatest argument, is the fact that there is huge discrepancy among these ‘experts’ as to the interpretation of dreams. One expert tells you that your dream means this, while another gives an entirely different interpretation. Another problem with professional dream interpretation is that psychotherapists from different cultures ascribe different meanings to dream symbolisms based on what they are familiar with. This, again, has led to wildly different interpretations of the same dream. And lots of ppl make huge deal out of it , I used to be one but not anymore.. i just enjoy the dream till it lasts :)

And it is weird when sometimes you dream of people whom are the last think you think of, and even maybe you never got to talk to them but you saw them once and that’s it !!
Sometimes, it makes you even feel guilty, I had this dream yesterday of some ppl who doesn’t exist in my life anymore I even haven’t heard of them for ages, dunno whats the meaning behind it , but it really makes you feel bad the fact that you still think of them when you really have to not to!!

But again, we are advised not to take our dreams too seriously (which Im ok with, tho sometimes you cant help it, you get too curious to know ) , but rather to enjoy them for what they are – an essential part of our sleep process.

Thursday, November 08, 2007
Rondy,,my Puppy!!

Meet Rondy my PUPPY..he refuses to refer him as dog :P isn't he adorable ?!?!? know he is, but he is so stupid kaman lol walla ktir ahbal :) so yalla we should set them a date..your cat my puppy! ;)

Diet .. Every Girls nightmare!!

I love eating , maybe some girls get embarrassed to say this..but I believe me I don’t!!!i cant control myself infront of delicious food. Its a big issue for me tho,don’t think that im happy with it cuz I started to gain weight like crazy and its getting annoying!!
Every Saturday I decide to start diet.. But I postpone it to the next Saturday and next, next so on .. but been 12 days now exactly I managed to stick on my diet schedule ..

No beverages.
No mayonnaise
No fast food
No dinner ( im allowed to eat till 6- 7max)
No sweets ( craving for a strawberry cheesecake at the moment OMG!!! )

But :

Lots of cucumber
Light lunch ( my favorite: boiled had dogs and cucumber salad )
Law fat chocolate once a week or maybe twice ..maybe 3( im stressed I need some chocolate)
Jogging 1 hour everyday ( weather is getting beautiful .. bishahi al wa7ad to jog )

So as you can see.. im not trying to push myself hard ..cuz I believe it doesn’t matter how much you weight but its more important how your body looks ..i don’t think I need to much weight to loose but a couple of kilos won’t harm me :) till now I lost 3 kilos not bad not bad :)

Wish me luck to stick on my diet more .. at least till Christmas *crossed fingers*

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Deciding What To Write About

Picking a topic to write on is often not an easy thing to do. One of the main problems is that at the point at which you have to pick your posts topic, you may well know little about it ( if its not a personal or daily post for sure ) you have to be good in choosing stuff to write/talk and discuss about.. intresting stuff that you know it will grab readers attention and not make them bored of what they read ,,

Yesterday I argued with a friend regarding this matter.. she thinks that “im not well educated enough to be blogging”!! I was like WTF?!?!? You don’t have to be a PHD holder to write whats on YOUR mind.. it is supposed to be fun and a space of your own where you can share your concerns thoughts and daily life with lots of ppl .. and I can even get to learn lots of new stuff everyday from different blogs different mentalities. To be honest now she made me think twice before I post anything, cuz lots of ppl will visit my blog and read and I don’t want them to think “ ohh it was waste of a time “ and I really hope your enjoying my blog .. cuz I feel like I want to pick my friends eye balls and prove her wrong , that even regular ppl can blog :)

Which makes me think … what to write about next :D

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
2 in 1 :P
Depression: Kills in Silence

I ran into this article discussing about Depression and solutions to overcome it. and it really got my attention ..every one of us experiences depressed feelings from time to time, no one can escape the hurtful things in life.It's how we react that matters in the face of adversity
. Ppl react to it in different ways other then meditation, such as eating lots of chocolates and sweets ( girlsss, hands up ) some prefer to be alone ,maybe partying , drinking … In my case every time I feel depressed , 1st I make sure that im NOT alone cuz it would make it worse. Then I just turn on the music and start singing and dancing like crazy with a bit of tears ( u cant help it ) its matter of time and then im back to normal J

Now tell me do you overcome your depression !!?

A thought:

Last night I couldn’t stop thinking that im a kind of person who would do anything to satisfy her beloved ones..which is good and it shows your love and care !! but it got to a point that I realized that I started ignoring myself and my needs ,it really hurts.. I mean I love everyone and Im ready to take a bullet for them but I have a life too I wanna be happy , I had enough listening to ppl who think they are the only ones with problems , wake up life isn’t fair with everyone ,and never will be ..

I need to balance my life , put myself 1st than`s not wrong to be selfish for one time in your life.. for your own sake!!

Monday, November 05, 2007
Screw Work ... Im back !! :P ( Hope my boss wont see this title )

Yeeess!! Im officially back to the blogsphere .. super excited!! Been a whole 1 year since I quit!!its good to be back .. yeah Purgy Purg its your lucky day :P Tho I stopped posting but I kept visiting my favorite blogs such as Fonzy, Purg , 248am, Zdistrict , Maze and Chikapappi .. kinda silent reader :) but Chika you had a big influence, tho I hardly know you but I check your blog every single day .. and its so interesting yet fun to read :)

Been a whole different year, my life took unexpected ( well maybe I wasn’t expecting ) turns ,its good I guess but again confusing since you know, you weren’t expecting :P

As my 1st official post.. I wanna talk about Facebook, and how ppl are getting addicted to it. i`ll be honest with you im an addict myself :S damn it , first I thought it was cool to get in touch again with ppl you haven’t seen for ages like family friends , or even friends who your not being able to catch out with .. but then its getting to you .. every morning you check your mail with like 10 mails only from facebook , ppl adding new pics, making you so curious to see them ( 7ashoora :P ) .. and it really started keeping me back from my work and forgetting to do lots of things ,, besides im spending hours infront of it which is really getting annoying ,, so I think im gonna ask the IT guy to block the site , inthat case I wont be able to log in from work…at home "bestefel" lol
I think blogging is addiction too ... but i wont post more then 2 posts a day .. i mean bala dala3 we are here to work and n7alel ma3ashna:P

Sunday, November 04, 2007
I miss blogging !!

I think im back :D