Thursday, November 08, 2007
Rondy,,my Puppy!!

Meet Rondy my PUPPY..he refuses to refer him as dog :P isn't he adorable ?!?!? know he is, but he is so stupid kaman lol walla ktir ahbal :) so yalla we should set them a date..your cat my puppy! ;)


Anonymous chikapappi said...

awwwww!! He's tiny :D niahaha!! My cats will cut him to pieces ! :) Yalla, next time we walk with LOLO Blue Dress's dog (female) enti ta3y barkatan they get some cute puppies :P

Blogger Noush0 said...

hahaah i bet they will!! yeah why not my dog is still vergin tho u have to worn your friend Blue lol.. i wont be responsible for any wierd actions hahahaha

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's sooo smalll...i love him...:)

Blogger Noush0 said...

yeah maze he`s adorable :)

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