Thursday, November 08, 2007
Diet .. Every Girls nightmare!!

I love eating , maybe some girls get embarrassed to say this..but I believe me I don’t!!!i cant control myself infront of delicious food. Its a big issue for me tho,don’t think that im happy with it cuz I started to gain weight like crazy and its getting annoying!!
Every Saturday I decide to start diet.. But I postpone it to the next Saturday and next, next so on .. but been 12 days now exactly I managed to stick on my diet schedule ..

No beverages.
No mayonnaise
No fast food
No dinner ( im allowed to eat till 6- 7max)
No sweets ( craving for a strawberry cheesecake at the moment OMG!!! )

But :

Lots of cucumber
Light lunch ( my favorite: boiled had dogs and cucumber salad )
Law fat chocolate once a week or maybe twice ..maybe 3( im stressed I need some chocolate)
Jogging 1 hour everyday ( weather is getting beautiful .. bishahi al wa7ad to jog )

So as you can see.. im not trying to push myself hard ..cuz I believe it doesn’t matter how much you weight but its more important how your body looks ..i don’t think I need to much weight to loose but a couple of kilos won’t harm me :) till now I lost 3 kilos not bad not bad :)

Wish me luck to stick on my diet more .. at least till Christmas *crossed fingers*


Anonymous chikapappi said...

LOL! Am not to say I LOVE FOOD! :D Love you *hug*

Well, eat in moderation... good luck bel diet

Blogger This Lady Says said...

*munch munch *sluuurp* *gulp* *munch munch*

what was that about diets?

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