Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Why do people dream?
What does it mean, what are the secrets of the dream state??
Long a go mankind’s had a great hope in dreams specially on the eve of battle. They believed that through dreams their Gods would direct them to victory. But Today the interest in dreams and their interpretation is no less profound, and are referred to as ‘the royal road to the unconscious.’
Dreams are a necessary part of our being, and are often a response to our daily thoughts, activities and sensations. Dreaming is as natural as breathing. Babies dream much more than adults. And It appears that animals also dream how amazing :).

And what pisses me off the most and lots I guess is that mostly dreams are very easily forgotten, or interrupted, specially when its an amazing dream almost real, like you never wanna wake up.

So often, however, it can give us a little balance when it comes to looking at the meaning behind our dreams. A dream is not a special occurrence with a “special meaning” well most ppl believe that it is!! But It is something that everyone does many times every night. Of course there are many people who would interpret your dreams for you. The greatest argument, is the fact that there is huge discrepancy among these ‘experts’ as to the interpretation of dreams. One expert tells you that your dream means this, while another gives an entirely different interpretation. Another problem with professional dream interpretation is that psychotherapists from different cultures ascribe different meanings to dream symbolisms based on what they are familiar with. This, again, has led to wildly different interpretations of the same dream. And lots of ppl make huge deal out of it , I used to be one but not anymore.. i just enjoy the dream till it lasts :)

And it is weird when sometimes you dream of people whom are the last think you think of, and even maybe you never got to talk to them but you saw them once and that’s it !!
Sometimes, it makes you even feel guilty, I had this dream yesterday of some ppl who doesn’t exist in my life anymore I even haven’t heard of them for ages, dunno whats the meaning behind it , but it really makes you feel bad the fact that you still think of them when you really have to not to!!

But again, we are advised not to take our dreams too seriously (which Im ok with, tho sometimes you cant help it, you get too curious to know ) , but rather to enjoy them for what they are – an essential part of our sleep process.


Anonymous chikapappi said...

you know.. it's been a while since I've had a nice dream aw any dream actually!! I sleep like a log!!

Bas earlier my dreams involved family memebes dying in front of me or some weird creature chasing me! !!

Blogger TOUCHE' said...

It's frustrating to forget those vivid dreams when you can actually feel the taste on the tip of your tongue that you wish you'd never wake up and keep living every single moment of them.

When I feel that I need to see someone who's not there anymore, I just close my eyes think about the person and recall a sweet joined memory and fall asleep. It's like directing your own movie and you allowed to star in it, the only downside of it is the "CUT" shout out.

I've never tried to interpret my dreams, because to me they're meaningless. Enjoy them while they last.

Anonymous Fonzy said...

u dreamt of me and remembered it :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate dreams...

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